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Tech Support & Parts

Eldorado, DeHoff, and TechniDrill

Kays Engineering provides technical assistance and field support service for all three machine lines. We employ a skilled and experienced support staff that works tirelessly to solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

We can remotely diagnose and solve problems

Using the newest Beckhoff control systems in our machines enables Kays Engineering to remotely diagnose problems and provide solutions, sometimes without the need for an in-person service visit.


Eldorado Tech Support

Sam Al-Hamzawi
660.886.9929 (ext. 114)
[email protected]

DeHoff Tech Support

Glenn Scott
660.886.9929 (ext. 119)
[email protected]-dehoff.com

Please have the machine model and serial number available.

Replacement Parts

Kays Engineering sells replacement parts for all DeHoff, Eldorado and TechniDrill models past and present to keep your machine running at peak efficiency for decades to come. We strive to provide the best replacement parts with the shortest lead-time possible to reduce downtime for your machine.

  • Filters – bag and cartridge

  • Gundrills, reamers, and rifle buttons

  • BTA/STS heads, tubes, and bushings

  • Whip guide inserts & bearings

  • Drill inserts, bushings, and supports

  • Motors, spindles, controls, etc.


Parts Sales

Keith Broyles
660.886.9929 (ext. 112)
[email protected]


Kays Engineering offers a variety of accessories to maximize the utility of your DeHoff, Eldorado, or TechniDrill machine.

  • Model B Gundrill Sharpening Fixture

    Gundrill capacity:
    0.075 – 1.0625 inches (1.9 – 27.0 mm)

  • Facet Grind Gundrill Sharpening Fixture

    Gundrill capacity: 0.039 – 1.575 inches (1.0 – 40.0 mm)

  • Drill Length Gauge

    20 – 72 inches (508 – 1829 mm)

  • Air gauging systems

  • Beckhoff Controls Retrofit Kit

  • Chillers

    To supply the coolant system heat exchanger

  • Gundrill Oil

    Kays Engineering’s Special “K” Blend

Gundrill Sharpening System

Kays Engineering designs and builds a custom system for re-sharpening your gundrills in-house, saving you time and money.

  • Fitted with either the Model B or Facet Grind Sharpening Fixture
  • Gundrill capacity:
    • Model B = 0.075 – 1.0625 inches (1.9 – 27.0 mm)
    • Facet Grind = 0.039 – 1.575 inches (1.0 – 40.0 mm)
  • X-axis & Y-axis slides, head adjustable in Z-axis
  • Digital Readout for both X-axis and Y-axis
  • Fitted with diamond cup grinding wheel and dust collection system
  • Video inspection microscope with LED display monitor, up to 40:1 magnification