Capabilities and Processes

Kays Engineering Staff


Our experienced engineering staff makes use of the most up-to-date CAD software to design highly advanced drilling machines for the DeHoff and Eldorado product lines. Through the use of innovative technologies, our engineers are able to deliver products with industry leading performance.

Kays Engineering fabrication


The components that make up our DeHoff, Eldorado, and TechniDrill machines are welded, cut, and fabricated in-house by our highly skilled craftsmen. We make use of the latest in MIG welding technology from Miller. All finished components are abrasive blasted, primed, and painted using high quality Sherwin-Williams paint.

Grind and Scrape

Grind and Scrape

We perform all of our own ID and OD grinding with a variety of CNC grinders operated by trained technicians. All the solid box way systems used on DeHoff and Eldorado machines are hardened before being ground and hand-scraped for exacting tolerances of ±0.0001 inches.

The time and care we put into the scraping process is what makes our drilling machines the most accurate and durable in the world.

Kays Engineering Machine Shop

Machine Shop

Our quantity and variety of CNC machinery gives us a wide range of capabilities. The skilled workers that comprise our machine shop operate 19 CNC machines to manufacture our machine bases and other components. To ensure timely and accurate production, all CAM programming is done in-house by our experienced staff.

Final assembly

Final Assembly

All mechanical and electrical components of our DeHoff, Eldorado and TechniDrill machines are assembled and installed in our facility by our experienced technicians. The machine control programs are written by our engineers and utilize Beckhoff’s industry leading controls.

All finished machines go through an initial testing procedure to ensure full operational capability. Machines can also be put through an initial production runoff to ensure they produce customer parts within provided tolerances.