I’m not sure which machine is right for our application. How do we select the right one?

Choosing the right deep hole drilling machine for your application involves a number of factors, including size and depth of hole, material, production demand, etc. Your best bet is to contact our President, Ed Kays, at 660-886-9929. He will discuss your specific drilling application, go over the different models we offer and their capabilities, and will then recommend the best machine for you.

Can we customize our machine?

Yes. Each machine model offers several options, particularly with workpiece fixturing. The DeHoff line, however, offers even more, including a High-Torque Gearbox and multiple spindle options. We can also design and build fully customized machines to suit your specific application. Please see our Custom Machines page for information and then give us a call.

How long will it take for us to get our new machine once we place the order?

All DeHoff and Eldorado precision drilling machines are built-to-order. This means that the process of building your specific machine at our Marshall, Missouri facility begins once we receive your order. Length of delivery time can vary based on the complexity of the machine design, amount of customization, and our in-house order backlog.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do business with customers all over the world. We can assist with all your shipping needs, including export licenses if required.

Do you help us install the machine?

Once the machine has been delivered to your shop floor, levelled, and connected to utilities, we come in to help with startup of the machine programs and help train operators and maintenance personnel.

Are we able to tour your facility before we decide to place an order?

We always welcome visitors to tour our manufacturing facility, where you’ll be able to see up close how each machine is engineered, manufactured, and assembled. If you would like to schedule a tour, please call us. We’re located approximately 1½ hours east of Kansas City, Missouri and very easy to get to.

We have an older DeHoff / Eldorado machine and it still runs well but could use some work. Do you refurbish older machines?

Yes, we do. We can also retrofit your machine with a new Beckhoff Controls system. Please see our Factory Rebuild page for information.

Our machine is having a problem. Do you offer technical support?

Yes. If you have a new machine with a Beckhoff Controls system that connects to your Ethernet, we can troubleshoot, diagnose and often fix the machine remotely. Please see our Support & Parts page for information.

If you have any other questions about our company or DeHoff, Eldorado or TechniDrill precision drilling machines, please do contact us!