Kays Engineering manufactures DeHoff and Eldorado precision drilling machines for a wide array of industries and applications.


The aerospace industry requires precision drilling of exotic materials such as Inconel and titanium, as well as steel and aluminum. DeHoff and Eldorado machines provide a variety of solutions to any drilling situation requiring tight tolerances, and have been used by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Boeing, Beechcraft, and Raytheon.


In a sector that has a large global impact, DeHoff precision drilling machines have been at the heart of innovation. From transmission shafts to engine valves to camshafts, DeHoff has been a resource for increasing manufacturing performance and reliability. Some of the automotive manufacturers and suppliers utilizing DeHoff machines include Ford, GM, Chrysler, Eaton, and Federal Mogul.


The agriculture industry is one that carries a worldwide significance. When the stakes are high, industry leaders such as Caterpillar, John Deere, and Turner Powertrain turn to DeHoff and Eldorado for drilling solutions that help bring new technology to life.


Companies in this dynamic sector (including GE and Honeywell) have relied on DeHoff machines to enable them to meet the increasing worldwide demand for affordable power. Turbine shafts are a great example of how DeHoff drilling machines help power the world.

Oil and Gas

This industry brings larger drills to mind. However, they also put precision drilling technology to use in order to attain deep hole accuracy. Companies such as National Oilwell Varco and Intelliserv have utilized DeHoff machines to meet their technical objectives.

Plastic Molding

This industry plays a vital role in the production of a variety of everyday products, but would be much more difficult without precision hole drilling. By using DeHoff and Eldorado Multi-Axis drilling machines, companies such as Mold Masters, Synventive, and Applied Medical are able to produce higher quality molds, and in-turn higher quality consumer products.

Military/Commercial Firearms

DeHoff has been the go-to name in gun barrel drilling for over 50 years and continues to lead the industry through constant innovation and dedication to quality. Colt, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Rock Island Arsenal, General Dynamics and many others have chosen DeHoff gundrilling machines because of their superior precision, cycle times, and reliability.

DeHoff models include gun barrel drilling and reaming machines, and the original CNC Button Rifling machine, the first of its kind in the world. Kays Engineering is also the only company in the world to offer the “full package” of gun barrel manufacturing equipment, which takes you from empty factory floor to making finished gun barrels.

Medical Devices

The rapid growth of the medical device industry has seen the increased use of precision parts in surgical implants, such as titanium pins, rods, and screws. At the core of this growth in precision implants has been the Eldorado line of precision drilling machines. Companies including Medtronic, Paragon, Smith & Nephew, Symmetry, and Zimmer have utilized Eldorado to achieve exceptional results.

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